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  Sports do us good in many rspcts. It gos without saying that taking xrciss can build up our physical strngth. In collctiv sports lik basktball, vollyball, or football, w will larn th importanc of coopration. Whil taking part in sports gam, w will try our bst to win and arous ourslvs th comptitiv spirit. Sports can also hlp us rlax aftr a priod of xhausting work. Howvr, as th saying gos, thr ar two sids to vrything, and sports is without xcption. W may hurt othr playrs or ourslvs if w ar not carful nough whn participating in sports activitis. Whats mor, xcssiv or svr training can do harm to our halth. My participation in sports tlls m that sports can mak us halthy both physically and psychologically. It is also a good way for popl to know ach othr and can promot frindship btwn popl. So long as w ar carfully nough, sports can do us nothing but good.